Wireless Emergency Alerts

Wireless Emergency Alerts

About Wireless Emergency Alerts

Comtech’s Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) solution is an Industry Standards based solution using our patented technology which facilitates the origination and accurate delivery of geo-targeted emergency alerts. Comtech Telecommunications Corp. provides a fully integrated end-to-end WEA solution that alert originators, authorities and carriers trust. Building on the company’s standing as a premier provider of public safety solutions, we’ve been operating our emergency alert and wireless public safety platform for nearly a decade.

Also known as Commercial Mobile Alerts System (CMAS) in the US, the system enables authorized government officials to deliver emergency mobile alerts to keep the public informed about life-threatening events.

Comtech Telecommunications has been actively involved in WEA-related standards working sessions since January 2008 and our WEA technology provides carriers an easy-to-implement, fully-compliant and FEMA-certified solution.

Our solution consists primarily of the following components:

Commercial Mobile Service Provider (CMSP) Gateway

  • A secure, concentrated point of access to the Federal Alert Gateway and potentially to other future external entities, third parties, or value-added service providers

Cell Broadcast Center (CBC)

  • Component that maps alert areas into appropriate network coverage (i.e., broadcast zones, list of cell sites or the area freely defined by the operator) and facilitates alert delivery via the cellular networks (CDMA, GSM, UMTS and LTE) to the intended handsets / subscribers


  • Comprehensive element management system to facilitate operations, administration and maintenance for both the CMSP Gateway and the Cell Broadcast Center
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Features Benefits
Carrier interface compliance
  • Fully compliant with “C” interface message scenarios and protocol per JCMAS standards (ATIS/TIA Joint J-STD-101)
  • Assured interoperability with centralized federal/alert gateway such as FEMA Gateway for the US and Pelmorex NAADS for Canada
Unique Capabilities
  • Alert delivery via geo-targeted SMS and Email (beyond cell broadcast)
  • Test tool to issue targeted alerts
  • Cell site data import tool
  • Multi-channel alert delivery
  • Reduced operational expenditure to test WEA in live network post events like network migration, software upgrades, handset launch etc.
  • Automated processing of cell site data changes
Interoperability with network equipment providers
  • Proven interoperability with BSCs, RNCs and MMEs from Ericsson, Huawei, Alcatel Lucent, and Nokia
  • Reduced risk and implementation costs
  • Rapid implementation of WEA on your network
Accurate Geo-Targeting
  • County, Sub-county and polygon schemes
  • Unique ability to utilize RF coverage data for enhanced geo-targeting – best approximation of alert polygon issued by the Alert Originator (Output of US DHS Research Project)
  • Our thought leadership with geo-targeting makes the solution future proof
  • More accurate geo-targeting is part of the US FCC’s requirements for next gen WEA
Support for all radio technologies
  • GSM (3GPP 23.041)
  • CDMA (IS-824 and IS-637)
  • UMTS (3GPP 25.419)
  • LTE (3GPP 29.168)
  • Adherence to standards
  • Our solution can support all RAN types
Messaging functions
  • Message Prioritization, Caching, Validation, Throttling, Flow Control, and Storage
  • Flexibility for various message handling scenarios
  • Easy handling of requirements specified by local regulators
Deployment Models
  • In-network
    • Local redundancy
    • Geo redundancy
  • Hosted
    • 2 sites (Seattle and Phoenix)
  • Flexible deployment, operations and business models as per the Carriers’ requirements
Unique Hosted WEA Service
  • Easy deployment for tier-2 and tier-3 mobile operators
  • WEA application hosted in two modern data centers (Seattle and Phoenix)
  • Pay per cell site
  • CAPEX and OPEX saver
  • Comtech takes care of all the operational aspects of WEA such as Provisioning, Data Upload, Monitoring and Regulator mandated testing
  • Simple pricing based on cell sites under management
Support for multiple character sets
  • GSM-7, GSM-8 and UCS-2
  • Support for alerts in multiple languages (like Spanish, French etc.) beyond English making the solution future proof
World Class Customer Support
  • 24x7x365 operational NOC also serving critical applications like E911
  • WEA applications hosted in the only non-carrier TL9000 certified data centers in the US
  • Enterprise grade with adherence to strict SLAs
  • Infrastructure that is custom built for mission critical applications like WEA
Comprehensive Element Management System
  • Administration
  • Dashboard for KPIs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Provisioning (WEA elements, Network Connections, Zone definition)
  • Alert management (Search, Test Alerts)
  • Comprehensive reports on volume, uptime, delivery rates and throughput
  • Easy operations of the WEA solution
  • Snapshot of the key metrics at your fingertips
  • Comprehensive insights
Robust Security
  • Access control, Role based permissions
  • Spam prevention. Encryption
  • Denial of service attack mitigation
  • Proactive penetration testing
  • State of the art security
Users (Customers) Use Cases
Mobile Networks Operators (Tiers 1,2 and 3)
  • Utilize CMSP Gateway and CBC services to comply with government issued mandate to provide wireless emergency alerts to the general public
  • Regulatory, Operations and Network teams from the mobile operator are primarily involved
Alert Originators
  • Federal, regional and local authorities can use Comtech’s related offering (Alerts Gateway) to create, manage and dispatch emergency alerts to a specific geo-targeted area
  • Comtech’s Alert Gateway verifies the integrity of the alerts and sends the alerts to the various last mile distributors (Mobile Operators, Broadcast Radio, Television Operators, Internet Service Providers etc.)

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