About VirtuMedix®

The VirtuMedix® platform offers an unprecedented suite of features enabling virtual encounters between clinicians, caregivers, patients, and family members. Leveraging decades of experience in producing reliable, secure and innovative mobile technology, Comtech has created a robust and scalable platform improving patient access to health practitioners and convenient care. VirtuMedix helps healthcare practitioners provide greater access to patients, improved outcomes and reduced costs.

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Healthcare Organizations, Patients, Universities


Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices, iPads


  • Audio/Video interaction via personal computer
  • Audio/Video interaction via mobile device
  • Patient and administrative portals
  • ICD-9 diagnosis codes or, if applicable, ICD-10 diagnosis codes
  • Option for Call Center staff users
  • Windows and Mac based browsers
  • Browsers supported include Internet Explorer 10 and later, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Customizable H&P templates and medical history forms
  • 100% native applications for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Patient medical record and history
  • Ability to integrate with 3rd party EMR/HER's - IIL7
  • Encrypted data
  • Patient information
  • Payment capabilities
  • Insurance capture
  • Interactive waiting room
  • Messaging
  • Tracking board
  • Practitioner roster planning
  • Assessment & planning
  • Electronic prescription writing
  • Discharge & disposition
  • Layer branding architecture


  • Enables access to virtual healthcare services anytime, anywhere, from any device through a simple interface
  • Allows practitioners and care givers to provide their services via VirtuMedix’s web portal, mobile app, or through traditional telemedicine means
  • Unparalleled patient support via live care agents able to support multiple languages
  • Integrated location services allows practitioners, care givers, and family members to locate their patient/loved one and specify alerts if that person leaves or arrives at certain locations (aka geofencing), find nearby care facilities as well as providing turn-by-turn navigation to those locations
  • Provides a standalone Electronic Health Record solution but also integrates into existing EHRs and other systems like Billing and A/R
  • Supports unique scheduling and capacity planning to ensure clinicians are available to provide services quickly
  • Captures quality metrics and measures patient satisfaction
  • Complies with HIPAA security and privacy regulations
  • Enables access to virtual healthcare services anytime, anywhere, from any device through a simple interface

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