Specifix™ Data

Specifix™ Data

Accurate Data Made Simple

With the Specifix™ platform, it is easy to leverage and analyze all of the unstructured data that exists on the web to provide an authoritative and comprehensive view of all businesses and people  with true contextual perspective.

Contextually aware, accurate, in-depth, and all real-time - Specifix indexes massive amounts of disconnected data and assesses the value of each. Using proprietary algorithms, it evaluates, weighs, and reports original and value-added information on targeted businesses and people. It assimilates traditional profile data with the dynamic insights available in social data compiling a comprehensive view of all businesses and people like you’ve never seen before.

Our profile information includes more than typical directory information. It also assesses “signals” from the web to determine strengths and weaknesses, a person’s ability to influence, demographics that a business serves or of a consumer, their life style influences, and additional hard to determine attributes.

Business Data:  22 million US businesses with deep firmographics, POI, contact and related data.

People and People Inside Business Data:  240 million US People and 70 million people in business with rich location, home demography, interests, activities, lifestyle, business contact and rerated data.

Geo-Location:  112 thousand neighborhood polygons mapped with deep demographic and firmographic insights.

Proprietary Semantics:  New and meaningful insights are created from active signals detected in real time and proprietary algorithms that correlate them into useful information not available elsewhere.

Additionally, the Specifix Consumer Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows for creation of business value from your data, while ensuring data owners maintain control of their sensitive assets. Security, integrity and governance are intrinsic features of Specifix, which allows a customer to share data while respecting applicable regulations.

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Features Specifications
Business data Business Name, Address, Phone Numbers, SIC AND NAICS codes, Lat/Long, Exhaustive Set of Categories & Keywords, ‘People inside Business’ view like Contact Names, Titles, Email Addresses, Direct Phone, Firmographic data like Employee Size, Annual Revenues, Year Founded, Emails associated with the Business, Extended Attributes including Hours of Operation, Most Relevant Photos, Reviews with Attribution, Restaurant Menu, Products, Services and Prices, Website, Location Intelligence with Neighborhood level Granularity, Credit Rating, Social and Directory links, Social Data and even the number of engagements via Check-ins, # of People Talking, Posts and Likes with a business or a consumer found on social sites
People Data Name, Email, Address, Lat/Longs, Phone, Mobile Phone, Opt-In Website Data, Time Stamp, Age, Gender, IP, 100+ Life Style and Interest Segments, Home Demography, Transaction Categories, Income, Marital Status, Kids, Type of Property Owned or Rented, Mortgage, Profile URLs, Activities, Organization Associations, Auto Ownership, Charitable Donations, Family Status, and more
People in Business Data Current Company and Past Companies Worked For, Positions Held, Titles, Education, Experience, Skills, Certifications, Professional Organizations, Professional Summary, Business Address, Lat/Long, Contact Phone, Contact Email, Employer Firmographics, and more
Geo-Location Data Location and mapping information, including value-added services such as identifying demographical information about the proper and social neighborhood polygon of the business or the location the consumers are coming from. This additional layer of place context data can inject new perspectives into education, occupation, income, family, demography and more about the entity on a holistic basis
Proprietary Semantics Data Specifix searches active signals from the web to generate proprietary semantics such as a Sentiment Score and a Freshness Score to describe the likability and the amount of engagement for any given business or neighborhood. A Closed Signal Detection for a business and an Influencer Score that indicates the strength of an individual’s voice within a generated segment. Various other types of scores are easily  derived from the extreme depth of consumer data indexed ranging from a wealth score, buying propensity for certain products and services against social conversation matches and profile attribute matches, affinity towards certain types of contextual recommendation, targeting, retargeting and more
Domain Use Cases
Marketing Data Enrichment/Appending services
Marketing Audience Building and Segmentation
Marketing Personalization/Optimization services
Marketing Lead Generation Lists Business to Consumer/Business to Business
Marketing Analytics/Research/Measurement
Marketing Direct Mail/Targeted Email List Generations
Marketing ID Resolution
Marketing Validation
Enterprise BI/Reporting and Analytics
Mapping/Navigation Enhanced POI data
Mapping/Navigation Business Profiles/Fimographics
Mobile/Active Location Geo-Coding
Mobile/Active Location Audience Building
Mobile/Active Location App Enablement
Mobile/Active Location Truth Sets
Mobile/Active Location IoT



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