RF Signature Processing (RFSP)

RF Signature Processing (RFSP)

RFSP is a network-based wireless location technology developed by Comtech that enables operators to precisely locate mobile phones entirely using network-measurements. Because RFSP does not require the active participation of the handset in the location determination process, operators can now offer precise location to network-based location based applications - particularly lawful interception and commercial location-based applications.

Location is computed by building and maintaining an up-to-date High Definition RF Footprint model of the network.

  • Comtech offers the highest quality RF Footprint model built in near real-time from layer 2/3 trace logs from the Operator’s RAN using machine learning algorithms. The high quality of the RF Footprint model ensures that the computed locations are precise.
  • Comtech’s solution offers the lowest operational expenditure by obviating the need for expensive, recurring drive testing associated with traditional solutions in this class.
  • Comtech’s RFSP is built on top of a robust, multi-purpose platform that enables other verticals such as RAN Optimization, Site Planning, VIP Service Assurance and Location Monetization.

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Position determination based on new efficient model and machine learning
No complex framework needed to monitor quality of RF Footprint Model
Ability to locate smartphones and feature-phones
No calibration drive required
No traffic generated on operators RAN
Industry leading location accuracy metrics
Full suite of comprehensive positioning methods
RF Pattern Matching (RFPM), WiFi, 5G
How It Works
Location-Based Services (LBS) Platforms build and maintain a High-Definition RF (HDRF) Footprint of the entire network based on RAN logs
A handset records both range and power level measurements of observed base stations
»» Measurements (e.g., Timing Advance and Neighbor Cell Measurements) are available via normal operations (e.g., handover, power control, etc.); no location specific action required
»» These can be obtained from the RAN without interaction with the User Equipment
RFSP Location method leverages RF signature as input and uses RF Footprint Modeling to compute a location



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