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About Location Studio®

Location Studio is a complete, modular Location and Geo-Services platform designed for developers building applications for mobile, automotive or IoT use cases.  Location Studio provides positioning, search, enhanced local content, maps, navigation, geo-fencing and tracking via cross-platform APIs and SDKs supporting all leading operating systems. 

Location Studio offers the following:

  • PositioningSuite provides position calculations on device, at the edge, or in the cloud, based upon the requirements of the application.
  • GeoSuite provides search, mapping, navigation and geo-tracking features enabling developers to create applications from the basics of simply displaying location on a map up to complete embedded turn by turn navigation for the connected car and mobile devices. 
  • MessagingSuite provides a cloud-based, one-to-many communication platform capable of integrating with multiple protocols, for any carrier, enterprise, employee or consumer – anywhere and anytime. 
  • AnalyticsSuite provides a secure repository of the location data generated by your applications. This data enables you to generate insights regarding the users and usage of your applications, with complete control.
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Features Specifications
Hybrid Positioning Engine
  • Supports position calculation from all available RF signals (GNSS, Wi-Fi, Cellular etc.), along with a sensor fusion engine component to calculate an accurate position indoors or out
Mapping Platform
  • Supports Map data from both commercial providers and Open Street Map
  • Both vector and raster map tiles are supported
  • Map data may be cloud based or on-board the device
Navigation and Routing Engine
  • Supports forward and reverse geocoding, route calculation with user specified options (e.g. avoid tolls, highways etc.)
  • Natural voice guidance support (e.g. turn left at Stop sign instead of turn left in 400 feet)
  • Waypoint routing supported
  • Both pedestrian and auto navigation supported
Local Search Engine
  • Large POI database with single box search
  • Supports brands, categories and POI type
  • Auto-complete and auto-suggestions
  • Over 22M POI’s in USA alone
  • Create Geo-fences, both server based and client based

Mobile Solutions – Map, search, navigation, family and workforce locator

Auto Solutions – Linux and QNX reference application for automotive head unit integration

Fleet Solutions – Fleet management platform for public and private fleets

Insurance Solutions – Usage based insurance, driver scoring applications

Financial Solutions – Trusted location for use in fraud prevention and compliance applications

IoT Solutions – Cross platform libraries and cloud services for locating and tracking IoT devices


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