IoT Location Platform (ILP)

IoT Location Platform (ILP)

About IoT Location Platform (ILP)

Location Studio™ IoT Location Platform (ILP)'s solution provides multi-sensor hybrid positioning and assistance data services for all IoT applications. Developed specifically to support the needs of low-energy devices and multi-network communications, the ILP Solution delivers telco-grade performance in an over-the-top (OTT) architecture. The ILP Solution offers precise, seamless indoor/outdoor location determination across a wide variety of devices and applications.

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Positioning and Assistance Data

The positioning capabilities offered by the ILP Solution are built upon Comtech’s state-of-the-art Hybrid Positioning Engine (HPE) and leverage real-time enhanced content to enable location estimation. It can simultaneously process measurement data from GPS, GLONASS, cellular, WiFi/BLE, LPWAN, and other sources to deliver the most accurate position estimate possible.

Supported Web Service API Protocols

The ILP Solution provides multiple web-service APIs to facilitate rapid integration and to meet the most demanding communication requirements. Choose from conventional RESTful JSON based web interaction to get started and switch to Comtech’s eXtensible Message Format (XMF) over HTTP(s) or CoAP for highly efficient communications supporting a wide array of IoT transports.

Embedded Libraries and Portable API

To facilitate integration and optimized network performance, Comtech offers C and C++ based embedded libraries to provide protocol translation and GNSS calculation functions. The source code is available with an ILP license with flexible terms and conditions. Libraries include:

  • ILP XMF protocol translation (Command/Data translation)
  • GNSS Doppler Calculation

The libraries are extremely small in size and highly efficient, making them ideal for low-energy, minimal computation capability devices.


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