Indoor Location Solutions

Indoor Location Solutions

Locating Anything, Everywhere®

Our mission is to locate any device anywhere – indoors or outdoors. Now we do, seamlessly via our IoT Location Platform (ILP). Comtech Telecommunications' Indoor Locations solution is comprised of sophisticated and patented software that can readily be adapted to a variety of consumer and business applications.

As one of the only companies to provide both indoor and outdoor location, Comtech Telecommunications uses advanced sensor fusion, ranging, and mapping algorithms to deliver precise, real time location even in areas without GPS or mapped Wi-Fi. We support both autonomous and network-based operation modes and deliver highly accurate and reliable X, Y, and Z axis location information virtually everywhere.

All of this is provided via a set of APIs, making it incredibly easy to integrate and allowing developers to build location-based applications for a wide range of devices and users.

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Key Benefits
  • Provides meter-level positioning accuracy when GPS or high-accuracy network positioning are not available
  • Simplified integration, making it easy to support state-of-the-art indoor location-enabled applications
  • Optional map-matching support - no walking through walls, and highest accuracy when map data available
  • Legacy device support options with software only version (MEP Lite)
  • Real time location
  • Precise X, Y, and Z axis location provided

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