Geo-targeted Messaging

About Convarz™

Convarz is a state of the art cloud messaging service that allows enterprises and developers to easily integrate SMS/Text messaging into their applications, business processes and web services.

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Features Specifications
  • Our reach extends to ~900 operators across 218 countries
  • Our quality routes are certified and authorized
  • Reach a global audience
  • Use of good routes ensures high delivery rates and end user engagement
Platform Strength
  • Highly scalable & geographically redundant
  • Comtech as a company has powered 5 trillion+ SMS messages to date
  • Carrier grade high availability (5 nines)
  • Redundant platform
  • Solid service record with many tier-1 carriers and enterprises
Robust Regulatory Compliance
  • Opt-in/opt-out consent management
  • Tap into our expertise to navigate the myriad of compliance rules
  • Minimize risk of your messaging programs being suspended or even shut down
World Class Customer Support
  • 24x7x365 operational NOC also serving critical applications like E911
  • Staff with decades of experience
  • Enterprise grade support with adherence to strict SLAs
  • Trusted partner for your messaging needs
Flexible Messaging Options
  • Dedicate short codes, Shared short codes, Long codes and Toll free messaging
  • GSM-7, GSM-8 and UCS-2 encoding
  • Adherence to standards
  • Proven interoperability
  • Support for multiple languages
Comprehensive Web Based Portal
  • Contact and Group Management
  • Insightful dashboard
  • Comprehensive reports on usage, delivery rates, response rates and throughput
  • Quickly launch messaging campaigns
  • Get insights for operational planning
  • Compile campaign/program reports for your executives
Developer Support
  • Interactive API documentation
  • Rest API integration
  • Reference clients and guides
  • Seamless and easy integration of SMS with your applications
Protocol Support
  • TAP, SNPP & WCTP for Paging to SMS
  • SMTP for Email to SMS
  • HTTP & REST for Web to SMS
  • SMPP for high volume SMS
  • MM7 for MMS
  • Add SMS to your legacy systems without the need for costly development
Add-on Features
  • Push messaging
  • URL shortening
  • Scheduling of campaigns
  • Utilize push to engage users of your app
  • Shorten URLs to fit into a single SMS
  • Automate execution of periodic campaigns
Robust Security
  • Access control, Role based permissions
  • Proactive penetration testing
  • State of the art security
Domain Users (Customers) Use Cases
Automotive Large American Auto Manufacturer
  • Battery status alerts
  • Data plan usage alerts
  • Car location / boundary crossing alerts
Healthcare Large pharmacy provider with 9500+ store locations in the US
  • Prescription refill reminders
  • Prescription pickup reminders
Utility California’s largest water utility company
  • Tank level alerts
  • Pump / Valve status and alerts
  • On-call notifications for maintenance staff
Public Transportation One of the largest freight railroad networks in North America
  • Fuel and Sewage pump monitoring alerts
  • Security door monitoring alerts
Real Estate Property management company that owns and manages 16,000+ apartments
  • Automated surveillance system alerts
  • Personnel dispatch confirmations (2-way)
Data Center One of the largest multi-tenant data center operators in the US
  • Humidity and voltage alerts to personnel

Convarz also has customers from the following domains – Call Center, Financial Services, Civic Agencies, Hospitality, Education and Armed Forces


Convarz™ Download PDF

Convarz™ Messaging Gateway Download PDF

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